Welcome Amy and Photo Organizing

Eehoo group is pleased to welcome Amy Langlois to the group. Amy brings a wealth of talents but is focused on extending our content management offerings to photo organizing. Amy has been organizing her own photos for years. Now she is expanding her skills and getting APPO certified. Photo organizing is an exciting new field with the proliferation of digital photos. We look forward to expanding our projects in this… Read More »Welcome Amy and Photo Organizing

I am a dinosaur

I realized that I am a tech dinosaur today. I went to download WebMatrix from Microsoft and found out it is sunsetted. WebMatrix might not have been a great tool, but it was a fully integrated tool capable of creating sites in ASP, PHP, WordPress and others. It was also a nice integration of a ready-to-go SQL Express/IIS implementation. Fast to set-up. Fast to run. Did a lot out of… Read More »I am a dinosaur

Move to Android from Windows Phone – 2

Mostly, in the last post, I tried to say that moving to Android was not that bad and that I wished I had done it bit sooner. Putting aside the difficulty of switching to any┬ánew phone (moving contacts, video, pics, etc.), yes, the switch was painful, but using the Android was smoother than I expected. It has been easier to see myself as a new Android user than an ex-Windows… Read More »Move to Android from Windows Phone – 2

Move to Android from Windows Phone

So long, Windows Phone. If you have read any of my past blog with a previous employer, then you know that I’m a fan of the Windows Phone. I have been using some version of the phone or device since switching from the Palm to Windows Mobile. That’s a lot of Windows device usage. I hope to post the a couple bits of insight that I’ve had. My previous phone… Read More »Move to Android from Windows Phone

Help and Manual

I have used plenty of authoring tools and Content Management Systems (CMS) over the years. My time at Microsoft permitted me to see at least 5 tools that were going to change the authoring world. They all more or less had their day but mostly the introduction of a new tool represented a evolution in documentation needs. Help and Manual was, therefore, the latest tool for me to try in… Read More »Help and Manual

Context sensitive help

Hello compiled help format with context sensitive help in desktop application. Long time, no see. My recent project required me to essentially step back in time to help authoring as I remember it in the 90s. For the most part, CHM files were a sturdy format that got a lot of mileage and plenty of authoring is still done in that format. It just isn’t web friendly, cloud based, or… Read More »Context sensitive help