We do content management.

Our Services.

Technical Writing

If you need an old school manual, we do that. We have deep industry experience with lots of different authoring systems and publishing formats.

Small Business Consulting

If you are an artist or creative person who wants help with business and technical questions, we can help you plan and execute a cloud strategy.

Photo Organizing

If you want to store your photos with care so that they last for decades to come. Or, share them with future generations.

Web Development

If you are a small company or a non-profit and want to update your site, we can help you plan a path forward with your vision for your organization.

Our People.

The eehoo group was founded by Francis X. Langlois, an experienced content developer and content engineer. Our services are aimed at small and medium size businesses who need to deliver content in a variety of media.

Francis has led agile teams that deliver web and other content, and he uses these project management skills at eehoo group. We deliver value by driving requirements, developing thorough plans, and tracking progress.


I had a great experience working with Francis and Nathalie at eehoo group on a recent website redesign and platform move. We moved from a custom platform without a mobile presence to completely new and updated public persona for our organization that is built on top of current web technologies and fully mobile-first.

We now have a modern, clean, and professional site with integration points to EventBrite. Routine site updates are easy, and all the backend integration we need for our internal processing is present and working well.

From a project management perspective, Francis heard and captured our requirements and developed a comprehensive project plan. He worked closely with us to ensure our top priorities were met as the first focus, and iterated on designs based on our needs. He rolled out a fully functioning site as version 1 and he and his team worked to make any tweaks we needed to ensure the site represented everything we need.

As part of the project, Francis provided a great review of existing technologies that could be used as a starting point and presented those solutions in an organized and professional manner. He set up a project plan and executed on it perfectly. He even went above and beyond and suggested a few contact management options we could use for donor and member development!

A huge thank you to Francis and the folks at eehoo group for a wonderful experience!

Shelby Eaton

Kirkland Civic Orchestra