Amy Langlois

Photo Organizer

As a photo enthusiast and family album creator for over 20 years, I have a large collection of both printed and digital photos. I loved making photo albums and that process became even more satisfying with the advent of digital photography and digital scrap-booking.

It wasn’t until I decided to do something with the 2500 slides my parents had from my childhood that I realized I needed a system for dealing with digital photos. After the death of my parents, I found several boxes of historical photos from the 1930’s. I had to figure out how to safely preserve them, as well as how to share the collection with my extended family.

I soon discovered the Association for Professional Photo Organizers and was thrilled to learn that I could use my own passion for taking, organizing and sharing photos to help others do the same! As an APPO certified professional photo organizer, I have the skills and training to provide high quality services to meet your needs.

I truly enjoy helping others to get more joy from their photos and memories with a well-organized photo library, whether it is printed, digital or a combination of both. We will begin by identifying your goals and assessing the current state of your photos. By gathering everything into one place, we can identify together the best way to categorize your collection. The end result will be tailored to your needs so that you can preserve and enjoy your memories.


Francis X. Langlois

Project Manager

The eehoo group was founded by Francis X. Langlois, an experienced content developer and content engineer. Our services are aimed at small and medium size businesses who need to deliver content in a variety of media.

Francis has led agile teams that deliver web and other content, and he uses these project management skills at eehoo group. We deliver value by driving requirements, developing thorough plans, and tracking progress.


  • delivering help files for client-based software
  • using single-sourcing and authoring tools to deliver content on multiple platforms
  • providing small business consulting about moving business functions to the cloud
  • developing web-based solutions for delivering on platforms that suit your business and technological needs
  • leading projects using agile and lean management methodologies

I worked several years at Microsoft Corporation in content development, content engineering, and compliance documentation.


Amy helped me solve my photo dilemma. I had way too many photos and I didn’t know where to begin. She explained how she could help me, and she listened carefully to my goals. I’ve already recommended her to several friends.

Amy was fast, organized and efficient. She is an excellent communicator.


Amy does terrific work and was super easy for my wife and I to work with- she was quick, thoughtful, responsive, and very reasonably priced. We highly recommend her for any memorial slide show or any other short-suspense digital photo chore. She should be first one on your list!


I had a great experience working with Francis and Nathalie at eehoo group on a recent website redesign and platform move. We moved from a custom platform without a mobile presence to completely new and updated public persona for our organization that is built on top of current web technologies and fully mobile-first.

We now have a modern, clean, and professional site with integration points to EventBrite. Routine site updates are easy, and all the backend integration we need for our internal processing is present and working well.

From a project management perspective, Francis heard and captured our requirements and developed a comprehensive project plan. He worked closely with us to ensure our top priorities were met as the first focus, and iterated on designs based on our needs. He rolled out a fully functioning site as version 1 and he and his team worked to make any tweaks we needed to ensure the site represented everything we need.

As part of the project, Francis provided a great review of existing technologies that could be used as a starting point and presented those solutions in an organized and professional manner. He set up a project plan and executed on it perfectly. He even went above and beyond and suggested a few contact management options we could use for donor and member development!

A huge thank you to Francis and the folks at eehoo group for a wonderful experience!

Shelby Eaton
Kirkland Civic Orchestra