About Francis. X Langlois

After working at Microsoft Corp. in various capacities over 17 years, I returned to being a small business owner. I founded eehoo as a place to offer content development and engineering initially, but that expanded organically over time. If you work a small business, you discover the many hats people wear and gradually your focus can shift to broader problems if you build trust through success.

I am a proponent of agile and lean teams and the application of project management skills to deliver value by driving requirements, developing thorough plans, and tracking progress.

Working with smaller organizations, I am able combine the broad knowledge I learned getting an MBA with the more specific tools and practices learned working in Technology over the years.


  • delivering help files for client-based software
  • using single-sourcing and authoring tools to deliver content on multiple platforms
  • providing small business assistance when moving business functions to the cloud
  • developing web-based solutions for delivering on platforms that suit your business and technological needs
  • leading projects using agile and lean management methodologies

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