I realized that I am a tech dinosaur today. I went to download WebMatrix from Microsoft and found out it is sunsetted. WebMatrix might not have been a great tool, but it was a fully integrated tool capable of creating sites in ASP, PHP, WordPress and others. It was also a nice integration of a ready-to-go SQL Express/IIS implementation.

Fast to set-up. Fast to run. Did a lot out of the box. Had a simple but elegant code/html/xml formatting tool.

I am not a Microsoft Hater despite a curmudgeonly reputation. I have hitched my wagon to all kinds of MSFT tools over the years and it paid the bills. C# is good. C++ compiler was fine. Visual Studio was a capable tool for developing web sites and other applications from console to whatever. Team Server was a great tool for its’ time and there are lots of people on it coat tails. It caught up on Git too.

Yes, Microsoft never really had a great tool for highly visual application. I have been told over and over that the tools for its own phone were terrible. So, yeah some shortcomings, too.

I understand it. Things come and go. But as I flailed for a replacement to work on really simple web pages (CSS and HTML5 – that’s it), I began what some call “the cursing.” I loaded Aptana, Komodo, Something Coffee, VS Code – they are all terrible. And no, I’m not going to a Mac nor will I install Eclipse. I still use VS for the TFS source code handling because who wants to do that at the command line? And guess what, all the cool XML and HTML features in Visual Studio have been removed. “You can add them as plug-ins” I am told.


I might find out how to do that but why would I? Visual Studio had this cool delayed load model that at one time made fast. I worked with the guy who designed it. Lots of patents. Super smart. I can only assume that model is dead because VS takes at least 30 seconds to load an I7 chip. Thirty seconds??? So that I format some damn HTML better because the last person made it look like doo-doo? No thank you.

It’s me. Isn’t it?

No one does that anymore. It’s all web-based Node.js, Angular or PHP for Windows now.

I already curse the amount of BS one has to do to get an FTP plug-in in Notepad++ or EditPlus. Now I have that look forward to getting VS Code to do something simple like fix my XML that’s on ONE LINE.

Sure it’s configurable but first I have to find some obscure set-up string and put an lib or an exe in some plug-in directory in the dreaded AppData folder or worse Program Files. Because everyone backs that up. When my Windows needs to be reinstalled in 8 months I’ll be in exactly the same place: the tech equivalent of “Get OFF MY LAWN!”

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