Hello compiled help format with context sensitive help in desktop application. Long time, no see.

My recent project required me to essentially step back in time to help authoring as I remember it in the 90s. For the most part, CHM files were a sturdy format that got a lot of mileage and plenty of authoring is still done in that format.

It just isn’t web friendly, cloud based, or pretty. What made it useful is still useful in certain environments and the product at the center of this project, LUBE-IT, still has those requirements. There are probably a lot of places where Wi-Fi isn’t common and computers are not running the latest version of windows. The role of the application is primarily to manage the data for the real money makers: machines that make stuff.

It was refreshing to be part of this project as everything was quite tangible and the challenge wasn’t pushing the envelope but rather, living in the increasingly small envelope that existed.

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