So long, Windows Phone.

If you have read any of my past blog with a previous employer, then you know that I’m a fan of the Windows Phone. I have been using some version of the phone or device since switching from the Palm to Windows Mobile. That’s a lot of Windows device usage.

I hope to post the a couple bits of insight that I’ve had. My previous phone was an ATT Nokia Lumia 830. It was my second Nokia phone but my first was a cheap “Go Phone” style so hardly worth counting. I’ll wax more about what I miss later.

For now, let me say that I’m surprised how easily I was able to transition most of my Windows stuff like for calendar and contacts. But only after a pretty significant set back. You probably should connect the phone to a Gmail account. I thought I would be clever and the guy in the store said it was possible to connect to Yes. It is possible but you don’t want to do it.

Let gmail be the central account on the phone. It’s easier. And you don’t have to use it for anything but your Google Player stuff. Using one account is much easier when you are trying to wrestle more than one Android device.

The Windows OS is elegant, classy; it is a jazz club. The Android is cartoonish, Warner Brothers. If you are my age, the Windows Phone OS doesn’t make you feel like you are old. The Android phone feels like being at the mall outside of American Eagle.

Even the sounds are like this. The Windows sounds are Brian Eno and ambient jazz. The Android is Nickelodeon. This is probably something I can adjust but at first it is jarring.

You can get over this. It took a couple days of feeling slight embarrassed every time I checked my phone.

But then there are the apps. They exist. You don’t feel like you are using some cheesy off-brand when you are using Instagram or Google Maps. There are plenty of half-baked apps on both platforms; it is buyer beware. But in the main stream, your Kindle app feels more like a Kindle. Facebook seems native too.

I look forward to March Madness this year as I won’t have to bend over backwards to try and conduct my for fun tournament. There are plenty of apps from the big boys, ESPN, CBS, Fox etc.

The calendar is not great. In fact, neither is the mail. But Microsoft actually has good offering in Outlook and OneNote. This, along with Remember the Milk, are my go-to productivity apps. In fact, I won’t use the native mail and calendar because, and this is the only way to say, they are terrible on the Android phone.

I’m not going to switch to using Gmail as my mail or calendar. You could centralize there and many people will. But I have centralize on Outlook and it is all there for me.

Windows Phone has the edge there. It is much more convenient way to look at several calendars and have one set of contacts in multiple places.

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